Going Away on Vacation and Need Someone to Look After Your Pet?

Things to Consider When Using a Pet Boarding Service

Boarding your pet can be stressful for you and your furry friend, especially if it is the first time. Most countries provide a range of long term pet boarding service facilities, from basic kennels to deluxe hotels and include daily programs of doggy day care. Depending on the requirements you have for your dog, you can choose a pet boarding service that will be good for both you and your pet.

If you are looking for a long term pet boarding service, for a healthy and active animal, begin by asking friends and family members or your vet for any recommendations. By making enquiries, you could come across someone who has boarded their pet before and can give you information on local facilities. Should you not find anyone with experience, look online for pet boarding services, or you can always try the phone directory. After choosing a company that meets your requirements, make an appointment to learn more about their services and their professionals. Should your pet require special medical care, look for a medical boarding service, some veterinarians offer medical boarding or will steer you in the right direction.

While visiting the facility, take a look around to ensure that it is a place that you feel comfortable with leaving your pet at. Check and see if the facility is clean and tidy, and staff also come with a tidy appearance. Dog runs must be cleaned every day, and cat boxes have to emptied on a daily basis as well. Ask what kind of provisions are done for special dietary requirements, and if you can bring blankets, toys, and other familiar items for your pet. Get a general feel for the pet boarding service, should you not feel comfortable, look elsewhere.

If you intend on using a dog boarding service, ask how often the dogs are let outside or on a playground to exercise, can dogs from the same house stay together in the same run, and if they have enough shelter from the weather. Should you be looking for cat boarding services, ensure the cat’s room is warm and sheltered and that the cats are looked after by caring staff every day. Last but not least, make sure that they also have sufficient room for exercise.

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