Has Your Dog Had a Run in with a Skunk and Got Lost?

Advice from a Pet Washing Professional on Getting Rid of Skunk Odor

Should a skunk get in close proximity with your dog, it is crucial to wash the dog immediately to remove the spray, thus preventing any transfer to bedding, carpets, and furniture. Normal soap and water or even dog shampoo cannot neutralize skunk odor, and you may have to take it to a pet washing professional. However, should this not be an option, rinse or wipe as much off of it as possible, then follow this by using a commercial skunk odor shampoo. While this is something you maybe able to do by yourself but you suffer from asthma or are sensitive to skunk odor, you should definitely use the services of an expert pet washing salon.

Pet stores should stock special shampoos specifically for dogs or cats which have been sprayed by a skunk. These tend to be quite effective and use a combination of enzymes to neutralize the odor, thus removing it. Follow the instructions and try not to get shampoo into your pet’s mouth or eyes, and do not let your dog lick his fur. Most stores sell household cleaners to deodorize carpets and furniture, which are not suitable to use on animals, so ensure you’re using one only for pets. Should you know your pet has sensitive skin, ask your vet for any recommendations.

You can do the following procedure at home. First, you can try mixing baking soda, dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, then use the pet shampoo that you have at home. Immediately after mixing the solution, put on gloves and rub in the solution on your dog’s body. When coming to the face and head, use a sponge which has been dipped in the solution, but be very careful not to get it in the dog’s eyes. It is better to treat the dog’s head last, thus stopping him from shaking off the mixture. Allow the mixture to stay on the dog’s fur for around five minutes, and then carefully rinse it off. You might have to repeat this process several times if the odor is still present, and then wash your pet using normal dog shampoo. Dry the dog off using a towel or allow them to air dry, as the heat from a hair dryer could bake any residual skunk odor into the dog’s fur.

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